Wednesday, November 12, 2008

No Update... Sorta'

I know that this place only updates when we have a new member. Well was thinking about perhaps putting up a subject and having everyone post on it. Now granted, it would be voluntary, and obviously everyone one would not respond.

Anyway just thinking. Let me know if you might be interested.

Also, I have been looking at a few other blogs, but nothing concrete as far as new membership is concerned. As always if you know somebody or some blog that might be interested please send the info my way.


Kimburrkay said...

Kinda like the topic idea. But can we pleasaaaaaaase not talk about the damn election?!

Mad Hatter said...

I think we might do a topic or suggestion a week, and no, I don't think the election will be on that list. lol

Maybe we can each take his/her turn deciding what to write about.

Harry Brinson & Stacey Barrington said...

Run with it!

WileyCoyote said...

Gopher it!
you know ah'm down with debatin' in a civil manner. Sorta. Kinda. As long as I don't get in one of my silly or TIC moods! :-))