Thursday, September 25, 2008

Yet another

We have a new person to add to our ranks, please welcome Four Eyes. She's got her eye on all of us. She's a stickler for good grammar and perfectionist in punctuation. Tell her hello and check out her blog.


Four Eyes said...

Thanks for the welcome. Whew, those BT bloggers take themselves way too seriously sometimes. I feel like I can breathe over here.

WileyCoyote said...

We got tired of the BT really quickly, but hung on because we thought we could make a difference and have some fun. We knew it was out of hand when they took to threatening our little group physically for our opinions! We like to write a lot of comments tongue-firmly-in-cheek, and are not as bad as folks made out... as those who joined the group at our monthly meetings discovered.

Still, when MH got called a bunch of names over the phone, and several of us were harassed and insulted in person - by the editorial staff! - we decided it was time to walk away and let them have their own sweet little fantasy lives. It's their sandbox - I wish for them a multitude of cats.

Of course I moved 1600 miles away, and suddenly their constant vituperative hysterias didn't seem so urgent - or so repairable - any more...

Grin. Welcome to the Blogjam! We may disagree but we like it. Pull up a hammock under a shade tree and enjoy! BYOB, of course; mixers are free.