Friday, October 19, 2007

Blogroll Round-up

Ok, this is a dry run, some of the posts are a bit dated, but that will get better with participation. Here goes…

It’s Friday. Thank god. TGI3rdF is today (if the weather cooperates). Around the blogs:

Courtney explores Reality TV

WC makes a case for being unafraid

skinizin shows why it’s important to keep kitty happy.

And today’s Classic Film Friday Movie is The Invisible Man

Hope everybody has a great weekend!


Anonymous said...

Greatly admire your blog format. Good luck. A question however - not a criticism. The sub-caption to your bannerhead, Low Country Blog Jam, names localities then states '...beyond' Beyond like anyone from PA,CA,MN etc.? I've ofen wondered just what are the geographical boundaries of Low Country. Would it be appropriate to list those instead of the current localities which would automaticallly be included in a total geographical explanation? Just wondering. Again. Great job. Good luck. I think it will fly.

Mad Hatter said...

The intent with the banner was to be inclusive and yet still identify the the core target. Our primary focus is along the 278 corridor, but if someone from Ridgeland or Lady's Island wants to play that's great too. We might even consider taking those from other areas if their blog relates to the area somehow.

Thanks for visiting and giving feedback. Hopefully this will grow into something bigger than the individuals.