Thursday, May 6, 2010

May Writing Assignment

Ok this is hard, the whole coming up with ideas thing, I want to come up with an idea that many people will write about. Last month’s “changes” got a pretty good response. So what about a family member? Family member you say? Yep. So why don’t you write a little something about a family member? You don’t have to give out names or anything like that, but I know there are several family members that I write about from my kids, to my wife, to my siblings, to my parents. They don’t have to be living; they just have to have something interesting about them. It is mother's day coming up... but it could be anyone. So go. Write. Ok?


Southern Focus Designs said...

HA...I did the assignment before I even knew it was the assignment! LOL

"P. B." said...

What can I say, MH? The dog ate my computer?

PS...I'm still working on the "change" assignment. :>)