Wednesday, July 29, 2009

New Member

It has been awhile, but I'm proud to say we have a new member to our ranks. Check out Jeff is just what we need around here.


jeff said...

Thanks for the kind introduction. I am pleased to be part of the blogjam.

jeff said...
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WileyCoyote said...

Hi Jeff! Welcome to the BlogJam! A very good post on the May River and uncontrolled growth. The taxes that will come out of the last decade's "Everyone come and build whatever you want! Whoo hoo!" will be even more devastating in the decade to come - and so will the damage to the ecosystem. It doesn't matter if every other house stands empty in a development - the paved paths to the water resources will continue to damage the river, the swamps, and the land itself. But, hey - we've got jobs and people, and an opportunity to tax them all! Prisoners in thrall.. and the only ones who will prosper are the gators.