Tuesday, March 3, 2009

March Writing Assignment

Ok... I have a new writing assignment. This is one that will be easy for me, but I want others to get the bug too. Basically whether it's just going in your backyard, or traveling across the country I want you to not only write about it but take pictures as well. It could be a trip to the bathroom (if you really think that's interesting) or a trip to Disney World. I'm thinking that most will have something in between, but you never know.

I've made some trips recently myself. You can use them as a profile if you'd like. I'd say 1-5 pictures and some commentary... who knows you could introduce somebody to something they didn't even know they liked. Got it? Good.

Also if anyone has a blog or knows of a blog, please get the information to me, I'm always looking for new material.


The Cosmopolitan Charlestonian said...

Hi, Hatter! I like these writing assignment ideas. Wanted to let you know that the feed for The Cosmopolitan Charlestonian has changed. Please reload if needed:


Mad Hatter said...

I can not use the link you gave me. You sure you posted it right?

The Cosmopolitan Charlestonian said...


Here ya go, Hatter. You're right. I posted incorrectly. My apologies. Hope this works for you! :)

Take care!

Jane said...

I have a blog on lowcountry architecture..check it out at http://lowcountryarchitect.blogspot.com